Changing Lives

The day I lost everything was the same day I gained everything. 

It amazes me just how little we really need to survive in life. It also puzzles me at how we have a tendency to over complicate things.

Like many of you, I had the nice house, the nice car, an expensive partner, sorry I meant beautiful partner and I experienced every conceivable gadget known to man in the house, from remote control lighting, plasmas, designer this, that and the other. I also had the credit cards bills to show for it all.

I supposed (to an extent) I was happy.......only I wasn't. Not really.

Whilst I had every conceivable materialist goods under the sun, I was deeply unhappy, I knew I would be working the rest of my life to pay for it all, in a job I didn't want to do, can you imagine how irritating that was? 

Fast forward to today and I'm happy I lost everything and I do mean everything.

The day I lost everything was the day I realised I made everything, I gained my life back, all the pressure lifted, can you imagine being debt free? Having the fortune to start all over again, gaining the experience of total loss and failure and living through it to go on and help others going through what I had gone through. 

It's why I created my business, I can see there was a problem I could solve. I beat addiction, overcame depression, stress, anxiety & homelessness all in 1 foul swoop.

This is my advice to you;

  • Don't over complicate your life, it's pointless.
  • Do what makes you happy before you retire.
  • Talk, for the love of whoever your god is, talk.
  • Express your emotions.
  • Share your wisdom. 
  • Show love, you aren't on this planet forever. 
  • If you make a mistake own up to it, apologise, move on.
  • Do not hold grudges, it serves no purpose. 
  • If you have children give them an education, not money, or better still, give them an education on money, so they can make their own. Believe me, they will thank you for it in the long run.

If you would like to know how I created my business with just an iPhone whilst living in a tent, drop me a line.

Have you found that you've gained so much by losing something you thought was important like Steve? Has hitting rock bottom been the start of something great for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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