Pain No More

My name is Mike Logan Stubbs. I’m a 28-year-old from Kent, England. I am a musician / songwriter and I suffer from depression and mental health issues, which I believe have haunted me for nearly six years now. Please read my story about my depression, the song I wrote and my road to recovery.

My depression got so bad four months ago, I attempted to take my own life and was hospitalised. I felt like no matter what I did, I would always feel this way (i.e. depressed). I can get so low, like the flick of a switch, when my depression is at its worst and unfortunately I cannot control it.

When I got out of hospital, with the support of my family, I made it my mission to get better — and the best way to express my emotions is through music. Through music I feel like a “normal” person and feel it is my best therapy.

My experience with depression and fighting it inspired me to raise awareness through music. Listening to other bands and artists also helps me, especially when the lyrics are meaningful! My favorite artists and inspiration range from Metallica, Phil Collins and even classical music. The experience of attempting suicide inspired me to not only help myself, but to help others who feel the same as me.

What I hope for others to take away is actually already happening — and I would love it to keep going! I’m receiving messages from all over the world ranging from people saying I inspired them and motivated them to speak up and get help for the mental health issues they face. I get these messages daily from a lot of people, and it’s making me so happy that I’m able to help people through my music! One person even said I saved their life, which meant more to me than anything in the world..

The above video went viral without the use of any other page but my own and those who shared. It has way over over 400 shares and the views I believe are at 24k and growing. Not only do checking the comments in the video speak for themselves, it’s also worth mentioning the song was liked and shared by some celebrities, was featured in three newspapers and published at The Mighty. and there’s still more to come with potential radio, etc.

With all this I will continue to raise awareness for depression and mental health in anyway I can. It's a very hard subject for people to open up about which I would love to change.

Wow. What a powerful piece of work from Mike. It's fantastic that Mike has found an outlet for his mental health. What helps your mental health? Do you use music in any form to help you through difficulties? Let us know in the comments below.

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