I'm all alone, but I'm not.

I love myself, emotional pain forgot.

I smile in my soul, not tied up in knots.

I look around me, I get the hots.


I'm all alone, it's what I desire.

I'm responsible, my own Town Crier

I've got charisma, I can light your fire.

Listen to me and you'll escape your mire.


I'm all alone; it's the way it is.

I lock the door and do the biz.

My mind is full of clarity, never in a fizz.

I've got compassion, I've got a lot to give.


I'm all alone without hope.

I've got life experience, so I can cope.

I smile inside, I try not to mope.

My soul is clean and I don't use soap.

A terrifically optimistic poem from Jules, we're sure you'll agree. Do you use poetry to help you with your own mental health? We'd love to share them if you do.

Jules is a prolific poet in his own right and you can keep up-to-date with him via his own poetry blog, his Facebook page or on Twitter where he's @Jewelster999.