Dear Self Harm

Dear Self Harm,

I know we've had this conversation before,

But this time I'm throwing you out the door,

I tried in the past, but didn't want to be rude,

For after all you had done me such good.


I appreciate that you've been my friend,

But now I'm afraid it has to end,

I cannot keep you here by my side,

There were times you almost let me die!


There were times when you just went too far,

As if to remind me who you are,

A gentle reminder you're in control,

You hurt my skin and damaged my soul.


I'm stronger now and I can see,

You tried your best to take over me,

No longer will I wear another scar,

To remind me of just who you are.


I'm not ungrateful for I know it's true,

I'm still alive and it's thanks to you,

I know that I wouldn't be standing here,

But the price you charged was just too dear.


I stand here alone and count the cost,

Of all you did and of all I lost,

Memories you thought you had to make,

As another piece of my skin you'd take.


It hurts me we have to say goodbye,

For on you I knew I could always rely,

I know that I'll miss you every day,

But that's why you have to go away.


You've tried to keep me all to yourself,

Didn't want to share me with anyone else,

I can see you now through brand new eyes,

I'm not interested in all your lies.


I wish you well but please don't write,

Get out of my mind and out my sight,

To make my point I must confess,

I'm mailed  this  with no "Return Address"

Love Angela

I'm sure you'll agree it's a beautiful and cleverly written poem. If you share Angela's experiences or have your own take on the issue of self-harm, please let us know in the comments below.

You can keep up-to-date with Angela on Twitter, where she's @angdmc.