Waiting Times

I don't know about you but over the years I've found that waiting times within mental health services to be a bit of a nightmare.

There's nothing worse than having to go through all the rigmarole of paying your GP a visit (when you can finally get an appointment) for them to then write to your local mental health team, which is another waiting game for a letter from them (this can in fact take weeks and weeks) stating than in another 'X' amount of weeks your appointment (which you may not be able to attend) will finally be here. This whole process from start to finish will no doubt be a lengthy matter of months. Not good when you're suffering from a mental health condition. This is my experience anyway.

Then, you finally think you're getting somewhere, to then be told you'll see someone in an Access Team, only then to have to return to see a Psychiatrist from time to time (this is to check up on how you are and if any prescribed medication is working for you etc), so by now you've probably told "your story" a few, if not umpteen, times over a period of however long that may well be (for myself it was about 10 years, and prior to that I saw councillors and a Psychologist).

My point is this; for some people it can be a distressing and upsetting time leaving patients not knowing where to turn or what can be done (if anything), which in the meantime leaves them hanging in the balance. They may not be unwell enough for hospital, nor well enough to be at home. People can become more ill (or things may improve) resulting in people having no faith or trust within the community mental health services to seek help where possible. 

Something needs to be done. Something needs to change. To address this issue this is where I try to help and raise awareness of not only mental health conditions, but also what needs to differ within the system and government alike. 

One can only hope that more funding will be put into the likes of CAMHS and only then will we hopefully see a difference and improvement within services. 

I, no doubt like thousands of others dream of this day coming sooner rather than later, and as a result we will see more people fulfilling their lives, rather than taking them. 

Thank you for reading.

Do you agree with Sharon? What's your experiences of waiting times for mental health services in your area? Good? Bad? How could they be improved? Let us know in the comments below.

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