‘Because We’re Men’ or ‘It's A Man's Man's Man's World Revisited’

Because it's a 'real' man's world and there are no 'real' men only hurt, confused human males.

And because we've been lied to all our lives so that our self-worth's tied up with the impossible and the inhuman.

And because we were born fine and lovable, but were soon told that we weren't worth anything if we were ever unmanly, soppy or in any other way loving or vulnerable.

And because many of us are still so shocked and damaged by this that we can't cry or feel anything at all now, except maybe anger.

And because this is all tied up with the fact that most of us have been unable to get close enough to other men to change things through fear of being called names or beaten up.

And through being forced to compete for jobs, money and a bit of praise.

And because for some of us it has been literally a case of kill or be killed.

We've now realised that much of the power that we have is an illusion, as being prejudiced and unable to cope with emotions, prevents us meeting our own real need to love and be loved, as well as the needs of women and the planet.

And so for these and many other reasons we invite you to join us in freeing both men and women from the shackles of sexism and all other forms of injustice.


Mark BurnsComment