We Do Our Best As Life Does Its Worst

This poem was inspired by my many brain injuries and brain bleeds. The onset of Alzheimer's ages the heart, mind, body and soul. Too many traumas to the head have taken a mighty toll and my memory gets worse by the day, so much so that when I awake in the morning it takes a minute or so to recognise my own bedroom. It's strange, if there was someone with me to ask who I am / what's my name ...well I doubt I could answer sometimes.

The fog thickens and pace quickens, 

As the cogs of the mind grind slower in passing moments. 

Forgetfulness forever a constant, 

Mismatched memories overwhelm in split seconds.


Every word, every image unbelievable, yet true to a fault. 

The heart races, nerves slow.

The systems all fail to respond in kind.

Age and time has the entirety tied up and caught.


The mind, body and soul, oh-so wrought.

The mind bogged down in fog.

The body ten lifetimes is lost,

And the soul now dull looks to the heart.


But the hearts ashen lullaby somewhere lost.

Yet we do our best to endure,

As the world around does its worst.

We look elsewhere for understanding.


But compassion from others, comes high in cost.

Surrounded by too much silence.

Nothing good forthcoming from the inner voice.

No room nor laughter here.


Empty for some time are the thoughts.

Puzzles, ciphers, chess and riddles.

The downpour of rain leaves all bedraggled . 

Yet still the heaviness of fog has the mind heavily wired.

All the while we search for understanding and compassion.

An incredibly touching poem from Mark and we thank him for sharing it with us.

Mark is a prolific poet on a number of topics, you can follow him on Twitter, where he's @markhigham71.