A Survivor's Tale

You have been in the long, deep darkness for an age and an half,

with no help you survived against long odds with nothing to rely on,

nothing but your wits, tenacity, perseverance and inner strength,

All made possible by indefatigability.


You looked within for all that you have seen, heard and learned,

You pulled your recourses from within, you pulled yourself together and started from humble beginnings.

You searched the inner self for all your worth, for within us all is the knowledge of a hidden world.

You looked deeper than most and created voices to which you conversed,

the inner voices helped you survive the worst the outside world could your way hurl.


You faltered, you fell on your knees here and there,

but you got up and shrugged off the cursed woe's,

You kept on going with your head held high,

despite the fact it was more painful to be alone within life's trials and its ebbs and flows.


The body takes on the punishment,

it takes all the kicks and punches.

It suffers some damning blows, but tis just scratches to a shell that rallies and re-grows,

To save the inner-self, to protect the soul.


You learned not to trust, you learned to hate the outside world

for abandoning you to the cold, dark and damning your soul,

but you did not give in.

You used all that anger and pain and focused the energy of the dark and cold.


Now you survived, now the battles and wars are won,

You stand victorious with undeniable strength,

you have left behind the fields of battle

and reside within the fields of peace and with a bright, bright future that lay at your feet.


There are no easy choices in life's great feat,

so you have chosen to go back into the cold long dark,

to find other lost souls to help

and encourage them to find their fields of peace.


A warriors path is a lonely one,

on the darkest of days and the coldest of nights,

when you stand alone,

You must be strong.