You Are My Testimony

Laughter in the rain

I no longer hurt again

You keep me stable and sane

You are my destiny


You ride with me on life's train

Your emotion invades my brain

Your love refills my soul's drain

You give your best to me


You keep me in your time frame

Your love is never a game

You are my bond, never my chain

You never think any less of me


You are my life current, my electric main

I feel so good when you whisper my name

You are my heart's kindling flame

You never second guess me.


You never apportion personal blame

Your loving excuses are never lame

My life was an empty space before you came

You test me, yet personally respect me.


You give me eternal love, I give you the same

When I get angry, you make me tame

You never take my name in vain

You are always there, you constantly protect me.


I stomp and shout, yet you never complain

I sometimes ignore you, yet you never show disdain

You lead me down Lovers' Lane

You look at my whole, you never dissect me.


You never give me cause to be ashamed

My reason for living you explain

We will always hold hands in life's rain

You are my love, you are my testimony