Gentle Mother, You Taught Me To Care

Gentle mother, you taught me to care

I shared my thoughts and you listened to help me repair.

This love is sharp and angular, brittle and harsh.

Remember, I was just a child but what was done, was done.


To my body, I need to hide you now.

One day I'll find you, I'll never run away, I'm alway there.

I'm just taking time, to defuse the seed that's about to blow my mind.

This ball and chain is leaving me wasted. But I carry on, investigating for answers to the crimes.


Love and mercy are my tools.

I'll make it there eventually with all my many revolving lines.

But I know a thorn makes me bleed, the blood congeals and the pain will then heal.

I will never pull a trigger.

But nurture the bullet that tries to penetrate from the face of a gun.

I wish I could forget the world, but I'm re-own a lost life.


Hateful woman you showed me anger, you inflicted pain.

I made a bed I must, for now, remain.

I don't know what brought me here, but I'll roll with this blade.

There was low life about one of us was doing down. This isn't a game!


A picture of a drink and a head-butt in my face.

There was a war going on so stand up, and take your place!

Lads and lasses were being knocked down.

I'm punching the clock, 'til the time drains down!


My friend you showed me love and one day we will be together

You have without thought showing me loyalty, obedience by respect and a companion silently walking by my side.

You are my pride and you brought me joy.

 A golden heart that was you!


Nothing prepares you to live in the Neverland, more than those you meet.

But I tip-toe on the ocean's wave.

Replacing the 'you' with an 'I' in every phrase.

I won't flounder.


I will fly across the blue sky.

Because my story is turned around.

Now leading with what I have found.

Cos we all have overcome and have now become one!

Do you recognise the feelings Peter describes?  What does the poem mean to you? Do you use poetry to illustrate your feelings? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

A huge thank-you to Peter for sharing his thoughts. You can follow Peter on Twitter, where he's @peterbrgss37