A Shepherd In The Darkness

We laugh, we cry. Days so light and days so dark.

Times so fruitful and times so stark.

We give and take,

It's how humans are built.

We show love and hide away the hate.

A softly voice and a shoulder,

We give for those in need with a beautiful heart upon a sleeve.

It's how we humans are built.

A human in need is always given a helping hand,

A humane act of courage indeed to show the way through all that's grim,

and it's a beautiful act to bear a heart that bleeds,

It's how we humans are built.


We shepherd the weak, we guide those who have lost their way and help with the burdens weighed and shed,

because we have been there and know the pain,

we know what it is to suffer in silence,

because that's how we humans are built.

A very brave act indeed to go back into the long dark,

an act of humane kindness to guide the lost out of pain, dark and cold, cold quietness,

with charity, with faith and prudence, with gentle guidance to help those in pain to overcome and triumph,

because we're human beings and that's the way we are built.