A Universal Peace

The words of compassion are written upon the soul,

where the softest candle light flickers and flows.

Listen to the gentle beats of the heart

and feel an ever increasing calm.


The inner voice of criticism has many wrily ways,

many spiteful words and from a distance in many a'curse,

but the inner voice of compassion

sounds put across the inner universe.


Humanity has but one voice, a voice of reason, understanding, love and freedom.

For we are all men of the world,

mothers of the earth and children of peace and they all dwell within,

where only the inner eye can see, feel and hear.


Trust the inner voice of kindness and quell the critical voice of harshness.

The stars of the inner universe will open up their light to guide you across the darkness and give you a warming glow,

with every word of love to yourself and others will know that

compassion from within is where peace on earth truly begins.