One things we'd love you to do to help support the work we're trying to do is to buy one of our lovely fabric, reusable, festival wristbands (with FREE postage). They are all the rage and what every fashion-conscious man and woman is wearing this season (so we say). Buy one for yourself as a treat or give one as a present. We'd be so grateful!

Reusable Festival Fabric Wristband

Our festival wristband is a great way of showing your support for us. It's fabric and reusable so, unlike traditional festival wristbands, you can take it off and adjust it as often you wish.

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Once you've got them, wear it with pride and satisfaction that you've helped us with the work we do. We'd also love you to take a picture and post it on our Facebook page and / or our Pinterest board devoted to this wonderful exclusive club (or send us the pic and we'll do it for you) just like the lovely people below have done.