....mental health? Well there's a question. The simplistic answer is that it's something everyone has. Yes, EVERYONE. You, me, the bloke over there. We all have mental health, but not everyone has mental ill health, aka mental illness. 'What is mental illness?' is a much harder question to answer.

I guess we'd say that mental illness is a blanket term for a multitude of ailments. There are many different conditions (more than 200) that would come under the banner of 'mental illness' including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, OCD; the list goes on.

Here we try and explain some of the most common conditions in terms everyone can understand and group them into 6 main categories (although there are more).

We're not trying to patronise anyone, but we understand that it may be new information for many. Whether you live with these conditions or not, we hope it expands your understanding, dispels any myths and helps fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

You'll probably notice we use terms like 'may', 'often' and 'some' in our explanations. We don't do this to sound vague or indecisive. The fact is, mental illness is an incredibly complex issue and even people with the same condition are likely to have different experiences of it. What it means, and how it affects one person 'may' (look we're doing it again) differ from how it affects someone else. There isn't an exacting set of attributes that everyone will have, so bear that in mind - unless you've skipped this page altogether then you'll be thinking we're just being vague or indecisive.

If you're looking for information on one particular condition, it may be worth using the 'Search' feature on our home page. Still here? Good. So with all that in mind, and in no particular order (other than alphabetical), we attempt to answer the question; what are....

If you find (or rather don't find) information on conditions that you'd like to see, please just let us know.