If you don't live local to one of our groups, there are still ways you can be part of our growing community.

We have set up a virtual group on fitness tracking app Strava (available to download for iOS and Android) to record the runs and cycling of our club members. This is a group that's for everyone, wherever you are in the world.

If you're wanting to get fit or stay fit, you can do so with the help and encouragement of the whole group. Simply open the app when you start your run or bike ride, and remember to stop it when you finish and the app will do the rest. Modern technology huh!

There is a league table, but The Sweat Shop is not intended to be a particularly competitive place, it's more one of motivation and encouragement that enables us all to get more physically active and in turn, mentally fitter and stronger.

To join the club, just click the link below. If you're new to Strava, you'll just need to create a free account first, but after that, once you join the club, let's get sweating!

The cycling stats for this week look like this! Great works guys.