The Evidence for Our Success

Our multi-award winning SpeakEasy groups work. They really do. They help guys to feel better and they save lives. They are genuinely unique. You’re probably thinking that, of course we would say that. It’s true, but don’t take our word for it. We wanted to show you that we can prove they work, outside of our own hyperbole or rhetoric.

Two independent research studies were completed in 2018; one from the University of York and the other from Teesside University, namely:

  • Approaching Depression: a study on the peer support groups from Men Tell Health.

    • How do the “SpeakEasy” support groups help alleviate men’s feelings of depression?

    • Conducted by Marguerite Walley (Social Policy & Social Work Dept.) of the University of York.

  • Men Tell Health: What are the barrier, facilitators and benefits to male mental health help-seeking.

    • Conducted by Hannah Erdem of Teesside University’s School of Social Sciences and Law, Psychology

We wanted to give you a chance to read them for yourself. Whether you're a Commissioner, a funding body, a professional working in the field, someone who’s interested in men’s mental health and suicide reduction (like us) or you’re one of the guys who took part, then you’re welcome to view them.

Please note that they include the some background information relating to previous work and psychological / academic references (which may not be relevant to you or the work we do). They also include real quotes and interviews from guys who use our SpeakEasy groups, although their names have been anonymised / replaced to ensure confidentiality

So we can track who downloaded the reports, we will require some basic information from you before you can read or download them, as you can see below. Your information will be treated with confidence and will not be shared with anyone else and used purely for information.


A huge thank you to both Hannah and Marguerite for all their efforts in conducting the research and, of course, to all of our SpeakEasy brothers who gave their time and honest opinions in the pursuit of the work.

PLEASE NOTE: Together, the reports run to around 200 pages and 25,000 words in total. Please consider this if you decide to print them out!