Want to come and get some exercise kicking a ball about? Of course you do! Our ReBoot sessions operate in partnership with our friends at the MFC Foundation

Whether you're wanting to get out more and meet some new friends, get a little more exercise, lose weight or just have a knockabout with a football to rekindle your passion, our ReBoot sessions are for you.

The sessions are FREE to attend and take place indoors, so whatever the weather outside, the sessions will be nice and dry (apart from all the sweating).

All you'll need to bring are suitable trainers / clothing, a drink (if you want one) and, if needed, some oversized headphones, armful of tattoos, a bug bushy beard, alice bands, your agent, publicist or coloured boots.

Any and all skill levels are welcome.

Anyone over 18 years of age can attend the sessions.


Absolutely! These sessions aren't about being good at football, they're about getting some exercise (which always makes you feel better), having some sweaty fun and getting a little bit fitter with some new mates. Whether you've never kicked a ball before or just like to rediscover your love of a good kickabout in a safe, supportive environment, you're more than welcome to join in.