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Most of us know the joys of becoming a father, but it's not always everything you expect it to be. Being a father can be a tough adjustment to make. The increased pressure of new fatherly responsibilities, added financial expenses, lack of sleep and changes in your relationship with your partner can all take their toll. 

Post-natal depression isn't purely a female issue, men get it too. Our PopStart groups are for those new Dads who might be struggling to adapt to these changes or those fathers looking to help support their partners if they are going through PND. Also, if you've suffered the loss of a child and are finding it tough to come to terms with, then our groups are for you.

In partnership with our friends at Raindrops to Rainbows, we're offering new (and old) Dads the chance to come together in a safe, supportive environment with like-minded people who are all there to help themselves and each other.

At the moment, our PopStart groups are only taking place in Middlesbrough, but we hope to expand on that in the near future.

The group is open to all fathers over 18 years of age.


The meetings are FREE to those attending. The first year of meetings, taking place throughout 2017, have been very kindly funded by the Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation.

We do accept donations to help continue these groups beyond that, so you can donate either at a meeting in one of those rattly-shaky donation boxes you normally try to avoid in the high street, or via our Support Us page, but it's not mandatory to attend the meetings.

We will neither pressure nor expect you to donate anything. We just like to be transparent!


These groups have been specifically created to help fathers, so are only really of benefit to Dads. The only exception to that would be if you've lost a child, either during pregnancy or after, and need some help to come to terms with your loss.

If you just need some help with your own mental health, but not related to being a Dad, then you might want to check out our SpeakEasy groups which are linked here!


The people attending will all be men, but as the group operates in partnership with Raindrops to Rainbows, their CEO Steph Addison will also be there.

For those attending who have a partner who may be going through post-natal depression, then Steph is there to try and help those to understand how it feels from the lady's point-of-view. Steph has been through it herself, so she speaks from a place of knowledge and understanding.


Beyond all the wonderful resources on our site, if you're looking for help between our monthly meetings, or aren't geographically placed to attend our meetings, you can always take part in a Twitter chat.

#PNDDaddies takes place on Twitter (obviously) every Monday night between 7pm and 8pm (GMT). Just use the hashtag in your tweet to connect with others and join the conversation.