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Here at Men Tell Towers, we're huge believers in the ethos of collaboration, not competition.  Basically we believe that organisations can achieve so much more and help so many more people by working together whenever possible and helping each other where they can. Isolationism and empire-building are sadly the usual environments many organisations operate in. We're not into that at all, but we're in the minority.

That said, whilst our CNC club is small, it's perfectly formed and it's growing all the time. This page is designed to showcase the fantastic organisations who support us and helped get us along our journey to where we are.

Some of those below fund the work we do (either currently or in the past), some give or donate money (which is always nice), some offer us guidance and expertise through free or greatly reduced services to help us out (which is also very nice), some supply the venue for our SpeakEasy groups whilst others do and have supported us out in any number of other ways, large and small over the years.

We just wanted to showcase them (and also the incredible people behind these logos) and, who knows, send some of your business their way. Collaboration not competition you see!

Click on their logo to go to their website and find out more about the fantastic work they do. In case you're wondering, no they're not in any particular order!

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It's never too late to be a part of what we're doing. Also, you know that horrible feeling when you think you might have forgotten someone.....