Who doesn't love music? Whatever genre gets the hair's standing up on the back of your neck, music is a great leveller. It can make us laugh, make us cry, make us dance or make us soar. It has the power over all our emotions like nothing else. 

Music can be so much more than background noise or that dirge the kids the listen to these days. From classical arias to barbershop quartets. From gangsta rap to rock anthems and everything in-between, finding that song that can lift your mood is a perfect moment in time and music can do that time and time again.


Music doesn't have to be all happy-go-lucky to make you feel good. That one song that reminds you of your first lad's holiday, your first love, your last love, a great night out with the boys or the number one song when your children were born. They can stir positive memories within us that will shine through even the darkest of moods.

Of course, when we talk about music, that doesn't mean just listening to it. You could make it too. Learning to play an instrument is a great distraction technique when you're feeling low. Anything from the spoons to the guitar can be picked up for a relatively small amount of money and the world it offers opens up a whole new realm of noisy possibilities.

We've talked on our exercise page about how those lovely little endorphins can help you feel better when you engage in physical activity. These 'feel good' chemicals can improve your mood when you're feeling down. Music has its own set of those.

Research has shown that, when listening to music you enjoy, your brain releases another chemical called dopamine. Proof, if proof were needed, that the connection between music and mental illness is very real. 

Here at Men Tell Towers, we believe this whole-heartedly which is why we've created our own Spotify playlist that you can use. We've even wrote a couple of blog posts about it (music, not Spotify!).

It's not a definitive list by any stretch and it may not contain your type of music, but that's the point. Music is such a personal choice. It helps define who we are, but it also can bring us together and it should. Get involved. Add your own tunes and let the music play.

If you have any experience about how any music has helped you and you'd like to share it with our community, please take a look at our 'Men Tell' section.