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The author of five novels, M Jonathan Lee is a tireless mental health awareness campaigner, working closely with organisations including Mind, Time to Change and Rethink and blogs regularly for Huffington Post. Having personally experienced anxiety and depression during his life, Jonathan draws on his experiences to inform his writing.

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Following a horrific paragliding accident, Dr. Danny Penman found himself seriously injured and needing some pain relief. Before the medication arrived, he remembered a form of meditation called 'mindfulness' he'd learned about at 6th Form years earlier.

Today he is an international author and world-renowned expert on mindfulness. This a brilliantly open and insightful chat with him.

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Stuart Semple is an incredibly talented contemporary artist. He has exhibited his work all over the world and constantly pushes the boundaries of art in the modern age. He also lives with PTSD, after a horrific life-threatening experience as a young man.

Stuart talks openly about this, his work and how his own struggles with mental illness have impacted on his life.

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You may not instantly recognise the name, but you will recognise the work David has done over the years. David is a fitness trainer to the stars, having worked with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth (and more, as you'll read later). He has also had his own fair share of problems with mental illness.

David has written for the Daily Mail, Men's Health and a number of fitness websites. Here, David talks openly about his work and how he has used physical fitness to help with his own mental health. It's an incredible read and we thank him so much for finding the time to talk to us.

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