We're all about men talking and telling their stories, but this section is all about men (and women) asking! This is our Q&A section. We're always looking for fascinating people to interview and get their thoughts on their life, their story and often their challenges with mental illness.

This is where you come in. Our community is key to what we do so we'd love all our friends on social media to get involved by suggesting questions to ask. They can be lighthearted or serious but keep them clean, be respectful and go for something interesting.

We're not interested in those with something to sell, unless they're selling the idea of breaking mental health stigma. In which case, we'll take everything they've got.

Following a horrific paragliding accident, Dr. Danny Penman found himself seriously injured and needing some pain relief. Before the medication arrived, he remembered a form of meditation called 'mindfulness' he'd learned about at 6th Form years earlier.

Today he is an international author and world-renowned expert on mindfulness and we are delighted to be able to talk to him about his accident, his work and his love of Thievery Corporation and House of Cards. It's a brilliantly open and insightful read. Take a look.

I know what you're thinking..."all the interviews are amazing, you are a truly talented interviewer and you give Michael Parkinson a run for his money, but where are all the ladies?" You're right. We hear you. It's time to address that right now...or at least very soon.

Our next Men Ask interview will be Director of Time to Change, Sue Baker. Sue has worked at the very top of this fabulous mental health organisation for many years despite having her own battles with mental illness. If you want to be part of it and have a question for Sue, just fill in the form below!

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