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This non-profitable institute was established in 2005 and is dedicated to creating a healthy and happy community on the island of Bali. Their approach follows a holistic model which they call biopsycho-spirit-sociocultural which combines Western psychiatric/psychological mainstream paradigms with Eastern and Balinese specific cultural and spiritual knowledge and beliefs.

Telephone: +62361467553


The Community for Schizophrenia is a non-profit organisation that aims to share the knowledge and experience about the treatment and recovery of schizophrenia and related mental disorders.

di Komunitas Peduli Schizofrenia, organisasi nirlaba yg bertujuan berbagi perngetahuan dan pengalaman tentans pengobatan, dan pemulihan gangguan Skizofrenia dan gangguan jiwa terkait.

Telephone: +62 21 851 4389


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