We are incredibly proud to offer some fantastic men-only support groups in our home region for a whole range of subjects. These are only the start of our worldwide conquest to help men with all aspects of their mental and physical health, but we've go to start somewhere!

Here, you can find out about the types of groups on offer, not to mention the all-important where and when they take place and which ones might help you (or someone you know) feel better.



Our SpeakEasy groups are Men Tell Health's own take on the support group. This aren't set in a dusty community centre, on uncomfortable chairs arranged in a circle with everyone staring their feet, that's not how we roll!

Our groups take place in safe, comfortable environments that try to remove as many barriers to engaging and talking about how you feel as we can. It's time to tackle this whole 'life' stuff head-on. It's not about manning up, it's about opening up.



Our PopStart groups are for all the Dads out there. If you're struggling with the added responsibilities of being a new (or old) Dad, these groups are for you.

In partnership with our friends at Raindrops To Rainbows, we take a new look at being a father. If it's not the experience you were expecting or if your partner is living with post-natal depression (or you are - men get it too) and you don't know how to help, we're here for you. Also, if you've suffered the loss of a child and are struggling to cope, you're more than welcome too.



Our ReBoot football sessions take place in partnership with the fantastic team at the MFC Foundation.

Reboot are our weekly groups which give you an opportunity to come along, play a little indoor football, get some exercise, lose some weight (maybe) and have fun (definitely) in a non-pressured environment.

No skill required.

The Sweat Shop.png

If you're wanting to get fit, or stay fit, then we've got the group for you, no matter where you are. We call it 'The Sweat Shop'

We use the Strava app to create a community of runners and cyclists who come together virtually from around the world to help motivate themselves and each other, to improve their physical health and therefore their mental health.

It's a non-competitive environment, so don't worry about where you are on the leaderboard!