Running any kind of charitable endeavour is a double-edged sword. It's equal parts the best thing ever mixed with the most rewarding, fulfilling and personally satisfying feeling imaginable. It's also, simultaneously, a never-ending stream of things to do; whether that means meetings to go to, building relationships with other organisations (collaboration not competition is our ethos), long hours away from loved ones working on projects, planning and running groups, chasing blogs or any number of other tasks, big and small, that are needed to drive the wheels in a basically forward motion. Some times it may not be moving very fast, but as long as it's going, then we can all call it a job well done. Men Tell Health is no different.

We try incredibly hard to make everything we do free at the point of engagement. Our SpeakEasy and Reboot groups are free to attend, the drinks we provide are free for those attending, the copious amount of information and signposting available on the website is also given for free. As is the help and counselling we other people on an informal basis. All gratis. In addition the help and support we give to other organisations on their projects or collaborating on joint projects costs them nada. I don't say all that to curry favour or elicit sympathy, just to be transparent. We've generous to a fault mate ;-)

Men Tell Health had an incredible 2017. It was beyond my wildest dreams, and as someone with PTSD, I can tell you some of my dreams are pretty wild. We won a National award, we launched a network of men-only groups and so many more things (I'll do a proper blog on the year soon). All of which happened on a budget that would make a shoe-string look positively flush.

As we grow, we need to find ways to build on the successes we've had in a way that means we have a sound financial footing on which to grow. We don't want to jeopardise the work we do by growing too quick so we can't control it, or by taking on too much just for the sake of it. We've become very good at making a penny feel like a pound, and the people we work with are an incredible part of our success, as are those who support us, engage with us and interact with us on a daily basis. We do want to grow. We want to expand and we want to help more people. Which, after all, is the reason we do any of this at all.

It would be lovely to ask for cash donations and to get them, but that seems a little one sided to us. It's nice, for sure, that people want to give us some money, either via the website, or collection tins or by doing sponsored events, and they do. We're indebted to those that have, but we'd like to even up the scales a little. Wouldn't it be better to give us a little cash and get something back? Of course it bloody would. 

"What do you want?"


"When do you want it?"


OK then, no need to shout!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are incredibly proud to finally bring you our latest range of merchandise to help support the work we do and to give you something to help you look fabulous! Just head on over to our page and pick yourself out something nice! Aww go on!

We've got two stunning (although we would say that, but they really ARE!) beanie hats which would be perfect to keep your lovely head warm! They come in red / white with the SpeakEasy logo and powder blue with the Men Tell logo on, although we've taken the words away. We're not some sort of branding whore ;-) Some people might be uncomfortable walking around with a mental health organisation's logo on their person. We know stigma is real, whether we like it or not, so if you know what the 3 speech rings mean, then great. If not, it just looks like a cool design. Which it is! Both of them have our #BetterToShare hashtag on the back. 


If you like your merchandise a bit smaller, then we've got a collection of badges that will suit all budgets. Who doesn't like badges! Badgers we get, but not badges surely!


They come as a set of three bearing our SpeakEasy logo, our #BetterToShare hashtag and the 3 speech rings from our logo. There's even a secret message behind them but obviously you have to buy one to find out what it says ;-). For those who like your pins with a little more heft, then we've got our hard-enamel, silver-plated SpeakEasy lapel pin. Subtle and stylish. Of course, we've still got our classic fabric adjustable wristband for those who like their wrists to look the part, and who doesn't! 

If you'd like to buy any of them, it would really help us out. We've tried to keep the costs as low as we can so the mark-up isn't great. Don't be expecting Black Friday deals or New Year Blow outs, just a hearty dose of our gratitude with a fantastic product you can wear with pride in any way you choose. Got your credit or debit card handy? Just click the button below!