Cum Again?

What kind of title is that???...I don't hear you saying. No, it's not a typo, nor is my spell-checker giving up on me. This is a call for help for all the men out there, so listen up!

We've been approached by the good folks in the Department of Psychology at McGill University in Canada to help with a survey they're doing on men's experiences of multiple orgasms! I know, right!! You can see what a brilliantly inspired title that was now can't you! We don't just throw this stuff together you know!

Anyway, they have put together a survey aimed at the true experts in the men, and they want you to get involved...unless you're not a man, in which case..move along...nothing to see here!

Surprisingly, very little scientific research has been done on multiple orgasms, and a team of researchers affiliated with McGill University have developed a short survey to advance the scientific community's understanding of men's multiple orgasm experiences. I know what you're thinking, "what's that got to do with mental health?". The answer is probably nothing, but it's an important factor in understanding of male sexual health in general and we strongly believe in the link between physical and mental health.

The aim of this survey is to capture valuable information from the true experts, men themselves! The survey is applicable to everyone, so if you're thinking "well that's never happened to me" or "ooh it's been a long time since that happened", well your views are equally as valid. That's the point of the research after all.

This is the link to the lab that is conducting the research:

Participants who complete the survey will have the opportunity to enter a raffle, with a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to It should take around 30 minutes to complete so go grab a brew and make a start. Don't worry, the identities of survey participants will be kept confidential at all times (naturally).

To take part in this survey, just go to Thank you in advance!