Bricking It

As a kid I loved LEGO. It was probably my favourite thing growing up, until I realised girls weren't bad either. LEGO wasn't like it is now. Well structurally it was of course, but it didn't come, like it does now, in sets that cost tens or hundreds of pounds and can only be used to build one thing. It was just lots and lots of pieces of plastic, coloured bricks, in all colours, sizes and shapes.

You could stick them together to build whatever you like. The only limit was your imagination. The sets were just so much more 'general' back then. Try going into a store now to buy just a box of LEGO. Not a LEGO 'something', but a normal, non-specific box of bricks. You'll struggle. I know I have. I've been trying to get my son into LEGO recently. I just want him to feel that creative spark I felt when I was his age. I've had mixed results. Maybe I should build a new one! (only joking ... probably).

Recently my good lady, Mrs. Men Tell Health, bought me a LEGO Ghostbusters set. It's awesome, it really is. It's so cool. Coo in ways I can't really quantify.. I've got it in my man-cave, right next to where I'm writing this. I love it, but I loved making it more.

I spent a couple of happy hours, one Saturday night building it while she was watching The X-Factor. (Incidentally she no longer watches X-Factor, which makes me love her even more!). I loved getting all the pieces out, arranging them into specific coloured piles and then gradually putting my creation together (well I say 'my' creation, LEGO's creation I suppose!). Either way, it took me right back.

Maybe that's the thing I enjoyed the most. That feeling of limitless creativity. OK, it wasn't strictly speaking creative, I was following their instructions, but it didn't matter. I was still building it. I was creating it, even if it wasn't unique in the great scheme of things, it was to me.

Finding all the pieces, which seemed to have got VERY fiddly in the (cough) years since I was an avid builder, was a great feeling. Seeing it grow and develop before my very eyes felt so good. More than anything it took my out of this mixed up head of mine for a while. I had something to focus on, to put all my mental energies into. I loved it.

It's amazing how the small things can make you feel so much better, in a big way. I wasn't changing the world, but I was changing my world. It took me a couple of hours to build ECTO-1 and the four busters of ghosts. I could have done it quicker, but I was enjoying the time I spent building it, and that's the point.

However small the changes you can make to your world, no matter how quickly they can be done, there's always time to enjoy it. I wish I could tell everyone that, but I'll start with you. I tell you, then you can tell someone else. Now, who ya gonna call?