You Are What You Wear

(Originally published 24 Jul 2013)

I saw this T-shirt in my local town recently, oh alright it was Debenhams if you must twist my arm!.

I've realised that some good things have come out of my condition, not many but some.  I save money for starters.  The thought of going into the town centre fills me with dread; way too many people for me to cope with!  Now that might mean I miss out on some bargains, but it's a small price to pay (no pun intended).  When I do have to go it's either very early or late when there are (hopefully) less people about.

I would have probably missed piece of sartorial elegance otherwise.  I didn't buy the T-shirt, but I buy the concept.  It's such a simple one after all.  I just wish it was that easy.  Maybe there's a niche market we're missing for t-shirts for people who suffer with mental health.  People would see and read them and think we're just being post-modern, ironic or just 'cool'.  I wonder what yours would say?  I think mine would read 'Please Help Me With Wordpress!’