Winners and Sub-Winners

(Originally published 18 Nov 2013)

Inspiration, as Roy Castle didn't used to sing, is what you need.  It can come from any number of things.  People.  Places.  Ideas.  Even from all of those things at once if you're lucky.  At the moment, I've got one eye on my Twitter feed as it covers the VMG Mind Media Awards 2013 and the other eye on efgf3dfgefge xcv fwetcvb rtjnhd.fjnv.  Oops!  Right both eyes back on this!  I'm not even there (obviously) but I wish I was.  It reads like a fantastic night.  There are some fantastic people, organisations and teams getting some well deserved recognition and even more of them who aren't but remain equally well deserving.  It's a night where almost literally, everyone is a winner.  I'm inspired by just 'watching' it.

I'm writing this in a vain attempt to bottle some of that inspiration and to act as a times capsule for my positivity and determination, however fleeting it may prove to be.  Most of the time I write this blog as a selfish form of release.  I don't know if it helps anyone, I probably never will, but it helps me.  I want to be able to quantify that over the next 12 months and tomorrow will be the start of that.  I'm going to gradually give the site a makeover, like a digital Gok Wan.  I'll grow the content and resources to make sure there's more than my ramblings for people who suffer with PTSD, anxiety and depression to read and I'll start saving to bribe the judges of the 2014 Mind Awards shortlisting panel.  The world is my Oyster Card and maybe, just maybe, I'll be sat in a swanky hotel in 12 months time not winning the Mark Hanson Digital Media Award 2014.  You read it / laughed at it here first!