We Are Family

(Originally published 19 Jan 2014)

This isn't going to be your typical blog post about the usual 'mental' stuff but I thought I'd scribble a few words down anyway.  Change is as good as a rest, as they say and enough people reading this and must thing 'oh give it a rest' so at least they'll be happy ;-)

I've been making good on one of my new year resolutions promises and doing some work on my family tree.  I've had a few false starts on it over the years, which ironically has made remembering stuff even harder, but that's more of a problem for my mum than me to be fair.  It can get a little frustrating, even confusing, at times but I think I'm getting there.  My mum is a fountain of knowledge about her immediate family which helps a lot.  My dad is a different story.  He either doesn't know, can't remember (he is 80!) or, I sense, doesn't really care.  His only real family are the living, immediate ones and he has little enthusiasm for those who have came before him for a number of reasons.   I've always said I don't have any cousins and on my mum's side that is definitely true, but I have loads on my paternal side.  Many of them out there who I have never, or I expect, will ever meet.  It's an odd feeling when you search seeing lots of names of people you're related to but don't know.  Sharing only  'blood' and a surname with.  I wonder how far I'll go back before (a) I find a king or queen..I'd settle for a billionaire that I'm related to or (b) quit in a rage of frustration of trying to decipher handwriting from the 1800's.  Honestly had those people never heard of a ye-olde word processor!.

I've enjoyed doing it for a few hours tonight.  It has certainly took my mind off this morning which I really struggled with.  Just one of those days I think, with lots of little things building up in my fragile brain.  It certainly doesn't help bursting into tears for no reason.  Thankfully my wife was there, as usual, to help and support me through it.  She's not so much my rock as the trunk of my tree.