The Monster Under The Head

(Originally published 25 Nov 2013)

I'm not one for having my finger on the pulse, not even my own sometimes, so you might have seen these already.  I think it's a fascinating idea, putting a tangible 'face' to the spectre of mental illness.  I wonder if it make it easier, or harder, to think of the illness in those terms?  That it's an actual ‘thing'.

I've recently completed Peer Support Facilitator Training with my local Mind office (more on that in a later blog) but there was a lady on the course who didn't refer to her condition as a mental 'illness', instead she talked about it being a mental 'injury'.  I'd never heard it described about in those terms before and I thought it was fascinating.  That your brain is somehow injured, although whichever way you look at it, I suppose it is.  Whether it makes the illness (or injury) feel more real, it certainly feels like a cure would be easier to develop for if all it had to do was to eradicate these little monsters from our lives.  Saying that, we're currently trying to declutter the house, and have found there are a lot worse things under our beds than these!

There are more to look at here --->

PS - Maybe it's just my age (it probably is) but do you think 'Anxiety' looks like Alf?