Share or Share A Like

(Originally published 29 Jan 2014)

I've been a bit remiss on this lately.  How many times have I started a blog by saying that!  It's a rhetorical question - no need to check.  Too many is the answer.  Truth is, I've been struggling lately.  'Just one of those days' turned into one of those weeks.  My new year enthusiasm gradually leaked out when I wasn't looking. My poor strained brain losing grip, with a mind feeling like it's on fast-forward and no sign of the pause button.  A flicker book of thoughts that make no apparent sense because I can't focus on them long enough to determine that they are.  Horrible.  When I feel that way I tend to withdraw into myself, less writing, less checking social media, less talking to loved ones, less keeping in touch with friends.  It's interesting when you do check just how different the way I react seems to differ from most (possible generalisation alert!).

Social media has changed how we interact with 'friends', maybe forever.  I've never been one for sharing all the goings on in my life on those sites, but it's amazing how easily and willingly others do.  I think I work on the principle that, actually, no is particularly interested in my life; including me sometimes, so why say anything.  I remember a 'friend' on Facebook telling the throng about the sad demise of his father.  The irony on those who'd pressed the 'Like' button seemly lost on them.  I doubt if my father passed away, I'd be too keen on telling Facebook all about it.  I'm pretty sure I'd be grieving.  I'm not saying either way is right or wrong; it's a personal decision of course, but logging into a social network wouldn't be top of my list of things to do at a time like that.  Maybe I'm just getting old (fact) and it's how 'kids these days' get their kix (I'm down wiv tha kidz, clearly).  My nieces think nothing of reporting every aspect of their lives online and warnings about privacy fall of deaf ears.  It's part of the changing world we live in I guess. A problem shared is a problem doubled halved and all that. I know I need to be more open about what's going on (my therapist tells me enough so it must be true) but sometimes it's hard for me to articulate it in less than 140 pages (never mind characters) so how I would expect anyone else to understand is a mystery.