Second Time's A Charm / Pain* (* Delete as appropriate)

(Originally published 23 Jul 2013)

Hello.  Again.  It’s fair to say this whole website / blogging thing has been a learning curve and, of course, by ‘learning curve’ I mean a right pain in the botty!  I only started it a few days ago and already I’ve managed to accidentally delete everything I’ve wrote, so here I am having to start again.  Let’s take the positives from it.  At least I get to start the first blog in a more structured way.  The first first post was a bit odd.  A bit like starting a movie from 20 minutes in.  It barely made sense to me, let alone you.  So here we go again.  Welcome to my little piece of the information superhighway.  It’s a bit sparse now, but like the M25, it’ll grow and expand as time goes on and I guarantee there will be less cones and contra-flows.  Take the journey with me.  It’ll help me and it might even help you.  Fingers crossed.