Jumping on the Wristband Wagon

(Originally published 4 Aug 2013)

If you follow Men Tell Health on Twitter (you really should...just click that little button over there....you know you want to) this might be old news but I'm not ashamed to repeat it.  I received my new wristband yesterday from SANE; part of their Black Dog campaign to end the stigma around mental health.  I might be in the minority but I don't think I've really experienced stigma due to my poor mental health or if I have, I wasn't smart enough to recognise it.  That's not to say I won't come up against it, I'm sure I will, but so far so good.  I'll wear it with pride.

Do you remember the craze for these kind of wristbands about 8-9 years ago?  Maybe it was just in the UK but there were dozens of wristbands, in all kinds of colours, for all sorts of good causes.  People were wearing them in numbers, not necessarily to promote their favourite charities, but more as a fashion statement.  There's nothing wrong with that I guess.  It's good to get the causes out into the spotlight but, of course, for anything that comes fashionable, sooner or later it's unfashionable and all those temporarily altruistic souls need something else to wear.  This is the first charity wristband I've ever had (as far as I can remember) which just shows how unfashionable I was back in 2003....how little times have changed.