I Do Mind

(Originally published 11 Sep 2013)

After yesterday's rather 'emotional' blog post, in the interest of balance I thought I'd comment on the rather positive couple of days I've had.

I submitted my first piece of writing to Mind yesterday - fingers crossed it gets added to their site.  It was hard to do.  Not physically of course, but certainly mentally and emotionally it was.  Going over my experiences, past and present, was tough but it was nice to get it out there.  Quite cathartic in a way.  I hope it meets their standard and you get to see it and, more than anything,  I hope by reading it it helps someone, somewhere.

Speaking of Mind, I attended my first Peer Support Group Training session at one of their local branches this afternoon.  The first of eight such sessions.  I managed to keep my anxieties under check (just).  I felt a bit like a swan - all calm above the desk...legs shaking underneath but I got through it.  Does the swan / desk metaphor work? Oh you know what I mean!!

Incidentally, we also had our very first 'retweet' courtesy of Mental Health North East.  A good couple of days.  It's all downhill from here! (Text removed because of traces of negativity)