Here WEGO Again

(Originally published 3 Feb 2014)

Having just recovered from the crushing blow that was being named only runner-up in the 2013 TWIMAwards (you can sense the sarcasm in that sentence right?). We have, unbelievably, also been nominated in the WEGO Health Activist Awards for best blog!. If you're the mystery person who nominated us, then, thank you very much.  We said when we started this site, as just a blog, that it would be a journey and to be nominated for two awards within 6 months is both an unbelievable start to that journey, but the journey is (hopefully) going to be a long one.  The website is going to be changing soon (Note to self...start updating website!) and there's a lot of work to be done with regard to men's mental health and removing the stigma of mental health in a way that is appealing and interesting. So it's busy busy at Men Tell Towers, despite the lack of recent blogging! (Note to self...write more blogs!). Thanks for the support.

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