Funny Peculiar

(Originally published 4-Nov-2013)

Have you heard the one about the mental health blog that got nominated and short-listed for a TWIM Award?  Well, let me save you the're reading it!  I saw this afternoon that the kind (not to mention good-looking and lovely smelling) folks at The World of Mentalists; now Mentally Wealthy, have seen fit to shortlist Men Tell Health in the Humour category!  I'm over the moon, not to mention a little embarrassed and a tiny bit pressured.  It was hard enough trying to detail the goings-on in this head of mine, now I have to be funny too!  If you don't believe it (and I know I didn't) have a look here.   Don't worry, I've already been practising my 'it's-just-nice-to-be-nominated-face', which is no better than my normal one to be honest!  Fingers crossed for the results on the 21st December 2013.

This news has come on the back of a good couple of weeks, both personally and professionally.  Since my blog was published on the Mind website a couple of weeks ago, things have really started to fall into place.  On the back of that article, I had an interview about PTSD with The Naked Scientists for their podcast going live later this month.   In addition to that, we've finally had an acceptable offer on the house (after about 3 years of trying), I've also managed to secure my first 3 freelance writing jobs (ooohh check me out) and I've been invited to join a steering group for a major organisation.  It's all go.  On a serious note though, one thing all these errr... things have taught me is that in order to manage my conditions I need a focus.  Something to put my energies into.  I guess we all have learn what helps each of us through and play to our strengths when we can.  As a wise man once said during a recent Mind training course I was part of...."Recovery is a journey but only you know the way".  He was a genius that guy ;-)