I Can't Believe It's Not Better

I've just entered the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

It says it all I guess, but it's true! I've taken the bold / foolish step and entered Men Tell Health in the UK Blog Awards 2016. Lord only knows how far we'll go. I'd love to win, of course I would, but I don't expect too.

I don't say that to sound miserable or defeatist, but it looks like the winners will be decided by public vote. Incidentally, I only just noticed I'd spelt 'public' without an 'l' before I posted it. That would really have seemed like a very different type of voting stregetgy! Phew! Where was I? Oh yes.

I've entered us in the 'Health & Social Care' category. I was hoping for a 'Mental Health Blog Written By Someone Called Gary' category, but was left bitterly disappointed. With my luck I'd still have come third in that too!

As I said, I don't expect to win. There will be some incredible blogs out there, that have been around so much longer than us and, chances are, they'll have a huge following they can call upon. I don't think we're there, not yet at least. 

You might be thinking "well why did you bother entering then". Good point. Well made. I guess the main reason is that it will help spread the word for the site and what we're trying to do. If the site gains a little more coverage through the course of the voting process and one person comes across the site when they wouldn't have otherwise, which helps them, then it will be a job well done I think.

Despite all my naysaying, I'd still love to be able to call upon your vote when the time comes. If you'd like to enrol your family and friends in that too, then even better! Thanks in advance and happy voting (for us).