Don't Be A Stranger

There are many great ways of staying in touch with what we're doing here at Men Tell Towers. You can always keep in touch with us via social media (links at the very bottom of the page) which is great (even if we do say so ourselves) but we also send out a quarterly (or sometimes more regular) newsletter, full of news, interesting stories, health tips, beer coupons* and free money*.

All you have to do is complete the form below (or on our 'Contact Us' page) with your email address and when we have something worth telling you, it will come winging its way straight into your inbox. As if by magic!

If you ever get sick of them, you'll always be able to unsubscribe easily through the links in the email. Obviously we hope that won't be the case (and we'll try very hard to keep all our newsletters interesting, relevant, possibly funny and completely free of cat pictures) but the option will be there.

If you do like them, then feel free to forward them on to friends and family, or better yet, get them to sign up. The more, the merrier.

* - There is absolutely no chance of these being included.

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