Welcome to Men Tell Health!

Here at Men Tell Health, we're devoted to men and mental health. Wait ladies, before you rush off, we're not snubbing you. In fact, quite the opposite. We're an equal opportunity information source and you are more than welcome to take seat, grab a cuppa and put your feet up to enjoy the site.

We like to take a slightly different look at mental health here. We do that in how the site looks, how it reads and how it talks about mental illness. Not to ridicule or patronise, but to inform and educate (with just a modicum of humour and honesty). Mental illness can be a complicated and complex issue, so we break it down into simple manageable chunks. We hope you learn something new or you come across information that stimulates a discussion. The more we all talk about mental health, the better.

Feel free to connect with us via social media, all the links are on the left-hand side or, if you're using one of those new fangled-smartphone or tablets, (they'll never catch on, trust us), just click the funny little three-lined icon you see in the top right-hand corner to navigate around. Get involved! Thanks for looking.

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